Mind map for Electric Counterpoint, AoS2

Mind map for Electric Counterpoint AoS2

Ideas for revision of Steve Reich's set work with sample essay which would gain a maxium of 10.

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Mind Map for Steve Reich's First Movt from Electric
Red = comments added after group appraisal and feedback from John Arkell.
Example essay response (considered a 10 mark response by J. Arkell)
Electric Counterpoint has no clear melodic phrase but is constructed of short repetitive
melodic patterns that result in a hypnotic quality over the ten guitar parts.
Reich bases the harmony of this piece around the Aeolian on E which shifts harmonically via
a semitone (chromatic) movement in the later part of the music. Also the harmonic rhythm
has a slow and gradual change.

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The piece builds from a monophonic idea into a complex polyphonic texture which creates
the resultant melody. During the piece Reich gradually adds and subtracts instrumental and
melodic patterns to continually change and vary the texture of the piece.
The structure has an organic development displaying an overall `arch' shape with inclusion of
a central section which features block guitar triads.
Reich uses extensive syncopated rhythms that create a complex pattern between all the parts
using repetitive melodic and rhythmic patterns.…read more


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