AOS2 - Key Words (Schoenberg, Bernstein & Reich)

Keys words that covers all three set works in AOS2.

Separated by piece.

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Chromaticism Music based on a chromatic scale.
Impressionist A style of music that seeks to describe a feeling or experience.
Atonal Open key. No key.
Klangfarbenmelodie "Tone colour melody" Describing how the timbre contributes to
Compliment The 6 semitones no used in the first semitone.
Hexachord A group of 6 notes that are used as a motif or chord.
Principal Voice The instrument playing the main melodic line
Secondary Voice The instrument playing the second most important melody line.
Enharmonic Different ways of writing the same note.
E.g. Ab is the same as G#
Peripetie - Schoenberg

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Push Rhythms/Notes Notes which anticipate the beat.
Syncopation Accented notes on an off-beat on the bar. Sometimes created
by Push notes.
Blue Notes A 'bent' note between a major and minor third.
Tritones Two notes played 6 semitones apart. Also known as an
augmented 4th (one semitone large) or diminished 5th (one
semitone smaller)
Cross Rhythms Rhythms that cross the usual pattern of accented and
unaccented notes, creating an irregular rhythm and
syncopation.…read more

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Cells Short musical ideas ­ like a motif
Phasing When two or more version of a motif are played at the same
time, but slightly out of sync. They gradual become in sync
with each other.
Note addition Gradually adding notes to the original cell to develop them.
Note subtraction Gradually taking notes away from the original cell to change
Loop A section of music which can be repeated seamlessly
Modal A type of key.…read more


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