Milgram Evaluation

an evaluation of milgram's famous experiment

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Title Issue However...
Only men, volunteers, Sheridan & King >> woman are equally likely to
1950s America, middle behave as such.
class, middle age.
Low Artificial, not life like. Hofling et al >> people follow instructions from
Ecological authority figures naturally in real life.
Demand Ps' may have believed it Post experimental interview >> p's believed they
Characteristi false, known they weren't were really administering the shocks.
cs harming anyone.
Got $4.50 so felt they They were told they'd get the money even if they
P's Paid.
needed to continue. didn't finish the exp.
Right to P's given `prods' to 35% didn't go to 450V.
Withdraw continue. Withdrawing was part of the process being studied.
P's don't know full nature American Psychological Association found it
No Informed
of study. ethically acceptable.
Psychologists gave prior consent.
P's experienced stress All p's debriefed & reintroduced to learner.
Failure of
(eg: sweating, shaking, 84% said they're glad to have taken part.
14/40 experience nervous 74% said they'd learnt something about
from Harm
laughter). themselves.


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