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The aim of the experiment was to investigate what level of
obedience would be shown when participants were told by an
authority figure to administer electric shocks to another person.


40 males (aged 20-50)
Lived in new Haven area
Paid regardless of what happened ($4.00)
Range in educational…

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4. Experimenter gave the teacher shock to see what he was
doing to the learner
5. Experimenter tells teacher rules to follow
a. Learner gets shocked if wrong answer
b. Learner gets shocked if no given answer
6. Experimenter used prods to keep teacher continuing (in
same room)
7. Pots…

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o Right to withdraw still got paid what ever happened
o Unrepresentative sample
o No demand characteristics didn't know true nature of
the study
Quantitative VS Qualitative
o Only included certain data
o Both collected increase the validity of the study
Ecological validity
o Carried out in artificial settings…


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