miles davis all blues

all key words and phrases for the piece

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BLUE NOTE = a bent note between minor and major third.
RAGTIME = music characterised by a syncopated melodic line & regularly
accented accompaniment.
Miles Davis = TRUMPET
Julian "Cannonball" Adderley = ALTO SAX
John Coltrane = TENOR SAX
Bill Evans = PIANO
Paul Chambers = BASS
Jimmy Cobb = DRUMS
Snare is played with brushes and the trumpet uses a mute
The piano also accompanies the solos with comping.
The head (main melody) and solos are played over the changes (12-bar sequence).
The piece is in G Major but has a flattened 7th (a blue note).
Chromaticism and altered chords are used and it is an example of modal jazz.
4 bar riff between each section
The 6/4 time and swung rhythms gives a relaxed, waltz-like feeling to the piece.
Syncopation and Triplets in solos.
Bars 44-50 use a number of swells to "f".
Starts with 8- bar intro (rhythm section)and finishes with 8- bar intro (rhythm


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