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Migration- Mexico to the USA
Push factors (encouraging people to leave due Pull factors (advantages of another country, or
to problems with own country). area , may be perceived).
Poor GDP per capita (6400) poorer people). High GDP per capita (26980) richer people.
Life expectancy low (74). Slightly higher life expectancy (76).
Infant mortality bad 36 Infant mortality good 8
% unemployed 32 % unemployed 7
% adult literacy rate 87 % adult literacy rate 99
Population per 840 Population per 410
Illegal Migration on the USA-Mexico border is a big problem, the source region for this
migration though is not the border regions, in fact it is the south of Mexico where most of the people
are moving from. This is because the south is the poorest region of Mexico, the north is fairly
Wealthy because they have the wealth from states like Texas and California that trickles down , this
happens because several companies have offices in a wealthy state and factories a few miles away in
Mexico where they can get cheap labour increasing the profit margin( maqualadora) .The illegal
immigrants also play an important part in American industry by doing the Dirty and dangerous jobs
that need doing but no one wants to do for example sewer maintenance work. The problem is the
illegal immigrants work is often unregulated and therefore very much can lead to high mortality rates
also there is a lot of seasonal work leaving the American government with a lot unemployed people
not paying takes but using essential services. The language barrier and ingrained racism of the south
of the US leads to immigrants being discriminated against living in low quality housing e.g. watts in LA.
The concentration of people in low quality housing is also a cause of crime that the US police
department have to pay for out of tax funding, many workers in the informal sector don't pay takes
leading to discontent among tax payers forcing governments to spend lots of money keeping
immigrants out to appease the public. 99


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