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World Cities

Contemporary urbanisation processes: Counterurbanisation

Counterurbanisation: The movement of people from large urban areas into smaller urban
areas of inter rural areas, thereby leapfrogging the ruralurban fringe. It can mean daily
commuting, but could also require lifestyle changes and the increased use of ICT (home
working or teleworking). Leads…

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Close to the A1 trunk road and main east coast railway line with regular trains to
Picturesque Georgian and Victorian town

Changing population and prosperity
population structure is aging
One section is ageing and another becoming more youthful
Large proportion of the working population is employed outside the town…

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Requirements for new towns
New settlements, separate from existing towns but well linked to them
Provide a good range of facilities ­ secondary school, retail centre, business space
and leisure facilities
Affordable housing should make up 3050% of the whole range
Management body must help develop the town and provide…


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