Methods we Use to Generate Electricity Powerpoint (P1.4)

A presentation I made for personal use, but that I thought might be useful for some of you. I apologise if any of the notes are brief; originally they were only meant for my use, but hope it helps you with your revision :)

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Physics: P1
Methods used to generate
electricity…read more

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Generating Electricity
· In some power stations,
energy is used to heat
water. The steam
produced drives a
turbine which powers a
· Fossil fuels e.g. coal, oil
and gas are used as fuel.
· So are nuclear fuels e.g.
uranium and plutonium.
· Biofuels e.g. Wood and
methane can also be
used.…read more

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Non-renewable Energy Sources
· We depend on these for most of our
energy needs. They are finite.
· Advantages of nuclear power:
­ Low cost of fuel
­ Low fuel use
­ No CO2 or SO2 emissions
· Disadvantages:
­ Radioactive waste
­ Difficult storage of radioactive
­ High initial costs
­ High accident/contamination risks
· Advantages of coal power:
­ Cheap
­ Easy to extract
· Disadvantages:
­ CO2 and SO2 emissions
­ Not much left in supply…read more

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Non-renewable Energy Sources
· Advantages of oil power:
­ Easy to find
­ Large amounts of reserve stock
· Disadvantages:
­ CO2 and SO2 emissions
­ Spillage and pollution risks
­ Destruction of habitats
· Advantages of gas power:
­ Easy to find
­ Large amounts of stock
­ No SO2 emissions
· Disadvantages:
­ CO2 emissions
­ Expensive pipelines
­ Visual pollution
­ Destruction of habitats…read more

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Renewable Energy Sources
· They w0n't run out.
· They are constantly being replaced.
· Most are caused by the Sun or Moon.
­ The sun causes evaporation, resulting in rain
and flowing water.
­ Convection currents cause wind and waves.
­ Gravity from the moon creates tides.
· Renewable sources can directly drive
turbines and generators.
· New sources are biofuels, including ethanol,
methane, straw, nutshells and woodchip.…read more

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Renewable Energy Sources
· Advantages of wind power:
­ No fuel
­ Little maintenance
­ No pollutant gases
­ Can be built offshore
· Disadvantages:
­ Visual/noise pollution
­ High initial cost
­ Hard to meet demands
­ Weather affects efficiency
· Advantages of tidal & wave power:
­ No fuel required
­ No air pollution
­ More water released at high demand
· Disadvantages:
­ Visual pollution
­ Hazard to shipping
­ Destruction of habitats
­ Weather affects efficiency
­ High initial cost…read more

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