Medieval Medicine

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  • Medieval Medicine
    • Healers
      • Physicians
      • Abysenna, Rhazis
      • Nuns
    • Surgery
      • Minor surgery
      • Women
    • Anatomy
      • Dissection could only be done through the church
      • Followed Galen's work
    • Ideas about disease
      • Soil & Air
      • God caused diseases as a punishment for sin
      • Diseases were contagious
    • Public Health
      • People were put in quarantine
      • Rich people, such as monks in monestries have public health systems
      • Islamic doctors making connections between dirt and illness
    • Treatment, Prevention and Cure
      • Herbal remedies
      • Urine test
      • Praying to God for forgiveness
      • Minor surgery, such as bleeding
      • Hospitals


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