Media revision booklet

Media revision booklet which includes:

- Key studies 

- Evaluation points

- Theories 

- Explanations

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Medias influences on prosocial behaviour
Social learning theory
Parental mediation
Medias influences on antisocial behaviour
Social learning theory
cognitive priming
Negative effects of computer and video games
Gentile and stone
Anderson et al
Positive effects of computer and video games
Helping behaviour (Greitemeyer and Osswald)
Social commitment (Kahke et al)
Self esteem (Gonzales and Hancock)
Persuasive effects of the media
Hovland-yale model
Elaboration likelihood model
Persuasiveness of TV advertising
Social psychological explanations - attraction of celebrities
Parasocial relationships
Absorption addiction model
Evolutionary explanations - attraction of celebrities
Celeb gossip
Celebrity worship
Measuring celeb worship
Cheung + Yue
Celeb stalking

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Media Influences on prosocial behaviour
Social learning theory
Bandura's social learning theory = we learn by observation
Explains how prosocial behaviour can be learnt from the media
E.g. if a child is observing a TV role model partaking in prosocial
behaviour they would be more likely to imitate. This especially occurs
when the role model is rewarded for prosocial acts.…read more

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Media influences on antisocial behaviour
Social learning theory
Children will observe antisocial behaviours on TV and imitate them.…read more

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Positive effects of computers and games
Greitemeyer and Osswald 2010
Helping behaviour = Demonstrated that
participants who played the prosocial video - randomly allocated groups = some people more
game Lemmings = more prosocial behaviour inclined to help than others
than those who played antisocial games such as - cant establish cause and effect
Lamers or a neutral game such as Tetris - Demand characteristics, trying to purposely meet
This was demonstrated as after the games had the hypothesis
been played for 8 minutes when…read more

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Negative effects of computer and video games
Video games - "Playing video games that are violent causes children to be
Gentile and Stone
One group of participants One group of participants
played a violent `first person played a slower paced puzzle
shooter' game game
All participants before and after had to fill out the state hostility scale
The participants then could blasted their opponents with white noise - as it was unethical to inflict
aggressive behaviour
= the participants who had played the violent…read more

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Source Persuasive Audience
Credibility Speed of
speech Intelligence Self
Fear Content
Source factors =
· CREDIBILITY, people are more likely to be persuaded by a credible source
· PHYSICAL APPEARANCE, physically attractive sources are more persuasive
· SPEED OF SPEECH, rapid speakers are more persuasive than slow
Message factors =
· CONTENT, messages which aren't targeted at us are more
persuasive e.…read more

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Grounding breaking ­ one the earliest attempts to investigate the topic area, this acted
as a catalyst, meaning that a lot of more research was done into the area.
Less complex than the elaboration likelihood model
Real world application ­ It dealt with attitude change in practical ways and, indeed, much
of the research is still relevant today e.g.…read more

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Elaboration likelihood model
motivated to think Audience NOT
about message motivated to think
about message
focus on peripheral
focus on the quality factors e.g.…read more

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The Persuasiveness of TV advertising
Celebs are often used as they are Hard sell adverts are processed in the
perceived to be neutral. central route as its very factual, whereas
We form parasocial relationships with soft sell adverts are processed in the
celebrities and therefore we trust them - peripheral route.…read more

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SEX AND VIOLENCE = Students were found to be less likely to remember advertised brands
when the commercial was embedded in a violent or sexual programme.
· Neutral programmes provided the best recall of any advert.
Bushman found that violent adverts were less memorable for students = suggests that violent
adverts are less persuasive.…read more


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