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The play starts with the Nurse making a speech about what has happened to Medea before
the play at Colchis and Iolcus and Jason leaving her
She also talks about Medea's reaction to Jason leaving her
The Tutor then enters with the Children and they talk about Medea's grief
The Tutor also tells the Nurse that Creon plans to banish Medea and the Nurse warns him to
keep the children away from their mother
Medea starts to cry out in grief from within the house cursing Jason and the Children
The Nurse asks why Medea turns her hate to her children and talks about how it is better to
live as a common person
The Chorus having heard Medea then enter, they are sorry for her and wish the Nurse would
persuade her to come outside so that they can talk to her
Medea comes out and talks to the chorus about how quick people are to judge and talks
about the position of a woman and in particular a foreign woman, talks about what has
happened to her and asks the Chorus not to tell anyone of any plots she makes
The Chorus promise not to
Then Creon comes to banish Medea
They argue about it and Creon admits that it's because he is scared of her, he has heard
reports that she has threatened to take revenge on Jason, Creon and his daughter
Medea tries to persuade him to let her stay and eventually he agrees to let her stay for one
day as he does not think she can achieve much in that time
The Chorus express their feelings of pity towards Medea but she makes it clear that she still
plans to take vengeance before she must leave
The Chorus sing about a time when positions are reversed and the female sex are honoured
Jason arrives and blames Medea for her own exile saying it was due to her anger but that he
will still help her and the children
Medea calls him a coward and reminds him what he owes her
Jason replies saying that Aphrodite made Medea help him and gives the reasons for his
marriage as being advantageous to the family
He says that she is just jealous of his new wife and that women's moods are controlled by
their sex lives
They argue, Jason maintaining that he did it to build up the security of the family, and Medea
disbelieving him and refusing his help
Chorus pray that stuff like what has happened to Medea and Jason never happens to them
Then Aegeus arrives and explains he went to see the Delphic oracle to ask for children
Medea explains what has happened to her and asks Aegeus to receive her in Athens as she
can help him
He says he does not want to offend Corinth so he will not take her from Corinth but if she
reaches Athens he will give her refuge
Medea makes him swear by the gods
Once he leaves she makes a plan outlining her plan:
Fetch Jason tell him she approves of his royal marriage
Beg that her children be allowed to stay
She will send them to the palace bearing poisoned gifts to the princess

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She announces she will kill her children towards the end of the speech
The Chorus try to persuade her not to kill her children and say that she will not be able to do
Jason arrives and Medea apologises for her earlier behaviour and asks Jason to ask Glauce to
persuade Creon to let the children stay and that she will send the Children with a gift
The Children leave with the Tutor and Jason
The Chorus sing about how they have no more…read more


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