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By Neema Tehrani
MEDEA…read more

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Why was Jason in search for
the Golden Fleece?
Jason was heir to the throne of Iolcus
But Pelias stole the crown away from
Pelias deposed king and banished Jason…read more

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Jason claim
When Jason was older he wanted to
claim the throne
Pelias made life difficult for Jason
Jason could only be heir to the throne if
he did a task
Jason had to search for the Golden
Pelias hoped Jason would never return.…read more

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Golden Fleece quest
Jason built a ship, he called it Argos, but
he needed a crew
He gathered a crew called the Argonauts
The Latin word `nautis' means sailor
Do you see the derivation?…read more

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The journey
It was made by sea
It would be very long
From Iolcus to Colchis…read more

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King Phineus 'advice
On the way they asked for advice from
King Phineus
He agreed to help, only if Jason and the
Argonauts could help king rid him of
These were birds with a woman's head
that screeched like banshees and stole
Despite their nuisance Jason was
successful in driving them out.…read more

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