Part A Medea Questions and Answers (10 Marks)

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 Briefly describe the events in the play since Jason’s first entry on stage.

Jason arrives at their home and speaks with Medea, she accuses him of abandoning her for another woman. They argue over this, as Jason defends himself, stating ‘it was for the family’ so he may have ‘royal sons’ and his children with Medea would have safety with royalty. Medea doesn’t believe this is acceptable. They further argue, this time over Medea’s banishment, Jason stating that it was her own fault due to her temper that she went and got herself exiled. Jason then leaves. The chorus sing a hymn about the recklessness of love. Aegeus arrives and meets Medea after being to the oracle, he tells her of his trouble with fertility, stating that is why he went. Medea uses her intelligence, manipulation and cunning to devise a plan. She befriends Aegeus so he does not fear her, and then secures a deal of sanctuary in place with drugs to cure Aegeus’ infertility. Once this has been agreed, Aegeus leaves and Medea sends a nurse to summon Jason back. During the time this happens, Medea tells of her plan to kill Glauce and Creon with poison through the gifts and displays her turmoil over having to kill her sons to the chorus, who are shocked. Jason enters and Medea takes the form of a typical women in this time, being submissive and pretending she has come around to Jason’s thinking. 


Briefly describe what has happened in this play before this argument between Jason and Medea

The play opens with the Nurse


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