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Generally masculine Generally feminine
Nouns referring to male people. Nouns referring to female people.
These are feminine, whatever the
A handful of nouns are masculine, whatever the gender of
gender of the
the person they refer to,
person: personne,victime, recrue
e.g.: amateur, auteur,témoin, vainqueur, voyou plus
(recruit), connaissance (acquainta

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Figurative nouns ending in -eur,
Nouns ending in -eur, generally derived from a verb,
usually derived from an
denoting people or machines carrying out an
adjective:rougeur, largeur, pâleur,
activity:aspirateur, facteur, ordinateur
couleur, horreur, rumeur
Principal exceptions (look feminine but actually Principal exceptions (look masculine
masculine): cimetière, episode, espace, intervalle,lyc but…


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