If you don't understand how to use le/la/les/du/de la/des/un/une you need this...really. Articles are mega important ^_^

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I'll be surprised if you don't know this, but it is a huge part of the
language. So it should be committed to memory for later
In English articles are "a", "the" and "some". In French these
articles must agree with the noun (depending on whether it is
masculine, feminine, masculine plural or feminine plural).
The is represented by le (masc.), la (fem.) and les (plural)
Some/any is represented by du (masc.), de la (fem.) and des
A is represented by un (masc.), une (fem.)
You should note that du is a contraction of de and le and des is a
contraction of de and les.
In English we sometimes miss out some or any (for example we
have wine) but in French there always has to be an article (so the
French English translation would be we have some wine).
Now we can do some examples and such.
The passport
Le passport
The radio
La radio
Some wine
Du vin
Les vacances
Everything must agree! Else I'll cry.


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