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french adjectives (higher)

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French Possessive Adjectives

English Masculine Feminine Before vowel Plural

My Mon (sac) Ma (copine) Mon (Amie) Mes (amis)

Your (singular) Ton Ta Ton Tes

His, Her, It's son Sa Son Ses

Our Notre Notre Notre Nos

Your (Plural) Votre Votre Votre Vos

Their Leur Leur Leur Leures

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French Possessive Adjectives

So the following would have to agree with the noun when they become possessive adjectives:

Un sac (masculine singular) --> Elle adore son sac (She loves his/her bag)

Des amis (plural) --> Ce sont nos amis (They're our friends)

Une veste (feminine singular) --> J'aime bien ta veste! (I love your jacket!)

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