Mary Warren Character Profile

A character profile for Mary Warren in The Crucible. Shows who she is, what they do in the play, key qoutes and what the mean and how to write about her in the exam. 

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Mary Warren
Any actual good
quotes describing her?! If s
Any actual good quotes describing her?! If so what do they even mean?!
Quotation Page.N Meaning
`a subservient, naive, lonely girl.' 14 Mary is easily led and easily impressed by Abigail.
`It is a mouse no more, I forbid her to go, and she 43 The attention Mary is given at the court makes he
raises up her chin like the daughter of a enough to defy Elizabeth.
`She has been strivin' with her soul all week, 70 Mary has been persuaded to own up to lying.
your Honour; she comes now to tell the truth of
this to you.'
Now I know everything about her, what I say about her in the exam?!

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