The Crucible

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John Proctor


Genrally respected in Salem by the community.

Commited adultery with Abigail (when servant)

What he does in play:

Speaks his mind. Stands up to Reverand Parris.

Persuades Mary Warren to tell truth in court.

Last Resort: Confesses to adultery to expose Abigail. Defeated by Elizabeth's well-intentioned lie and by Abigail's power over other girls (yellow bird)

In prison confessed to 'witchcraft' so he can live and look after his family but he will NOT name others.

Refuses to sign confession. Would rather die than lose his good name in the comunity.

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Continuation of John Proctor


Central character to the play. 

Ordinary reasonable man caught up in dangerous and unreasonable times.

Strong connection between John Proctor and Arthur Miller's experience/situations in anti-Communist hearings he was called before.

Represents common sense and decency.

Not perfect but aware of his own faults. His own harshest judge.

Believes in telling the truth but is torured by the knowledge he is living a lie.

Reluctant leader among those opposing Parris and the Putnams.

1st he only wanted to save his wife. Later realises how important his 'good name' is to him.

 Throughout play Proctor is under great pressure dealing with struggle inside between truth and reputation.

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