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1. The role and purpose of education, including
vocational education and training, in
contemporary society.
Marxist and other conflict views of the role and purpose of education:
social control, ideology, hegemony; `deschoolers' (Illich, Friere):
socialisation into conformity by coercion.…read more

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By the time you've worked through this area of
the specification, you'll be expert on:
Ruling class ideology;
Legitimation of inequality;
Correspondence principle / theory;
Social reproduction; n ce pt
Counter(anti)-school culture; e s e co t
t h ­ b u
Hidden curriculum; e ' l l do e end o u t
W t h a b
Fragmentation; a r d s at t hink now,
c v e a
Myth of meritocracy; t ' s h a m e an ow
le e s e k n
Shop-floor culture; h a t th hat you ry
w g w t h e o
in t
know t Marxis
Ideological state apparatus; abou already...
Subservient workforce;
Acceptance of hierarchy;
`Jug and mug' principle;
Motivation by external rewards.…read more

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Prepares pupils
for their role in
the workplace; Legitimises
ruling class inequality and
ideology; disguises
Reproduces new
generations of
Rewards schooled to
conformity accept their place
and in capitalist
obedience; society.…read more

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He wrote
for marx. 1969.
A structuralist, macro approach to the role of education in a
capitalist society.
KEY CONCEPTS: ideological
state apparatus.…read more

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* In modern society the education system has largely replaced the
church as the main agency for ideological control.
They won't listen to
the Church anymore,
so they only way to
control them is
A TEACHER!…read more

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