Marxist view on education



Althusser believed.......

Meritocracy is a myth

Teachers are agents of capatalism

Middle class have access to economic and cultural capital

Education engineers middle class for positions with power and working class for failure

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Correspondance Principle

The correspondance principle was an iddea of Bowels and Gintis which described the way education mirrors the world of work.

They said education mirrored work in these ways:

Students work for qualifications and employees work for salarys

Students are told what to do by teachers and employees are told what to do by bosses

Learn to accept the school routine is boring and you learn to accept the work routine is boring.

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Evaluation of Marxist views

Saunders (New right)

Marxists failed to see that some people were naturally more talented than others

Giroux (Neo-Marxism)

Due to anti-school subcultures the hidden curriculum and correspondance principle have failed.

Morrow and Torres (post modernism)

Marxists fail to see that education reproduces diversity not inequality as everyone is different

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