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Why did Mark write his
By Alan Zajac…read more

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Themes in Mark's Gospel?
The themes in Mark's Gospel are:
The identity of Jesus
Jesus' death and resurrection
Discipleship and the kingdom of God…read more

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The identity of Jesus
Mark shows us that Jesus on occasion was angry,
or afraid of death that he needed the support
of his disciples, and that he thought God has
deserted him. Yet Mark also gives the
impression of Jesus' great authority: in his
teaching and healing; in controlling the
forces of nature and ultimately overcoming
death. Mark shows Jesus in this way to support
persecuted Christians. Christians felt under
stood by Jesus. An important theme in the
gospel is the theme of the `messianic secret' ,
this means Jesus didn't want his true identity
known.…read more

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Jesus' death and resurrection
Marks Gospel stresses the importance of Jesus'
death: from very early in his Gospel he stated
that Jesus' radical views would lead him to his
death. Through out the second part of the
Gospel, Jesus repeatedly states that his
imminent rejection, suffering and death are
part of God's purpose. The Gospel also shows
that death was not the end. There are many
references to Jesus' resurrection, and the
gospel ends with his empty tomb. Christians
were therefore meant to see the crucifixion in
the light of the resurrection.…read more

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Discipleship and the Kingdom of
Marks Gospel shows the disciples repeatedly failing
Jesus. Sometimes they lacked faith, or challenged his
teachings, and finally they ran away and abandoned
Jesus to his Faith. One of them even betrayed Jesus
(Judas) and another denied all knowledge of him
(Peter). Yet these were mend who became the leaders
of the Early Church. Mark makes it clear that
discipleship would be difficult and challenging. The
stories relating to the twelve disciples would have
helped them and shown that even if their faith failed
them at times they could be forgiven. For example,
Peter denied Jesus and yet the young man at the empty
tomb gave Peter a message that would change history…read more

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Why did a written Gospel become
The delay of the second coming
The threat of heresy
The loss of eyewitnesses
Persecution…read more

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