Main opposition in Nazi Germany came from Youth (from 1939)

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Main opposition during WW2 came from
+ 77% of Germans thought the war was lost by 1944.
+ Early outward victories limited opposition ~ Poland captured in 3 weeks
+ As war continued opposition for war waned, the regimes response to resistance was an
increase of repression ­ in turn creating more opposition
+ 25,000 prisoners in 1939 in concentration camps
+ 700,000 1945 ­ including reeducation programme for sabotage and slacking
During the war the Hitler Youth turned far more militaristic and many were turned
against it
Forming gangs such as Edelweiss Pirates and Swing Youth
o Middle classes
o Listened to black jazz and women wore makeup
o Schutzendorff one of the leaders murdered in 1942
o More for working class
o Going on camps and for singing anti German songs
o E.G. Navajos group ­ killed the Gestapo leader in Cologne, but found out
and killed in 1944
White Rose Group
o Hans and Sophie Scholl
o Anti war literature
o Found and leaders killed in 1943
Although they were effective ­ they weren't all that popular. Nazism appealed to many for
example the influence of Jobs ­ and status in society whereas going against the regime
was heavily dangerous.
Goerdeler Group 1941 with General Beck. Had members from the foreign office
and attempted to forge links with the allies
Kresinau Circle ­ 1941 with Moltke.However Gestapo infiltrated them in 1944 ­
Moltke murdered and imprisoned Schacht
BOTH groups wanted the restoration of civil rights
Harnack ­ Rote Kapelle
Uhrig ­ resistance in the factories
There were 69 soviet cells in Germany by summer 1941
Baum was leader of a Jewish Communist group ­ put a bomb in an antiRussia

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Knochel ­ Communist opposition ­ infiltrated in 1943 and arrested
By 1943 the general good mood in the army was waning due to increasing
numbers of defeats
o America's entry into war ­ 1941
o El Alemain ­ retreat
o Defeat at Stalingrad
Operation Flash ­ 1943 by General Treskow but FAILED because the bomb failed
to go off
Operation ­ Valkyrie under 1944 under General Stauffenberg FAILED because the
bomb was knocked over. Supported by the Goerdeler Group.…read more


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