Key quotes in the Erl-King


Key quotes in The Bloody Chamber

  • 'It is easy to lose yourself in these woods'
  • 'The Erl-King will do you grevious harm'
  • 'Everything in the wood is exactly as it seems'
  • 'The wood swallows you up'
  • 'Vertical bars of a brass-coloured distillation of light'
  • 'She will be trapped in her own illusion'
  • 'He came alive from the desires of the wood'
  • 'He is the tender butcher who showed me how the price of flesh is love'
  • 'Eat me, drink me; thirsty, cankered, goblin-ridden'
  • 'Mother, mother, you have murdered me!'
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Key quotes in The Bloody Chamber

  • 'Surrounded by so many mirrors'
  • 'I'm sure i want to marry him'
  • 'The walls... gleamed as if they were sweating with fright'
  • 'Like an extraordinarily precious slit throat'
  • 'Pistons ceaselessly thrusting'
  • 'That face lay underneath this mask'
  • 'Inspecting cuts on the slabs'
  • 'His kiss with tongue and teeth'
  • 'My purchaser unwrapped his bargain'
  • 'His deathly composure shatters like porcelain'
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Example paragraphs:

Bronte enhances the melodrama of her gothic texts through injecting hyperbolic language to demonstrate Cathy's overwhelming feelings towards Heathcliff, 'and he were annihilated'. Cathy fears her seperation from Heathcliff and his 'annihilation' encompasses the physical and emotional distance if they were to be parted. He is obliterated not only in a physical sense but as a culmination of her memory as if he simply ceases to exist.

Carter explores the sexual gratification of men in orer to show the exploition of the female body. She presents numerous oxymorons particularly in the Erl-King to deliver a seemingly contradictory effect, 'consoles and devestates me'. Carter injects both the gothic feauture of the male gaze and the conflicting position of women, under the hold of men's desires.

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Literary devices

POWERFUL VERBS:                     POWERFUL ADVERBS:          KEY WORDS:

  • Illustrates                                  - Radically                               - Magic realism
  • Explores                                   - Confidentally                          - Latent content
  • Challenges                                - Unsettlingly                           - Usurp
  • Embodies                                  - Blindly                                  - Zenith
  • Questions                                  - Defiantly                               - Nadir
  • Subverts                                                                                  - The 'other'
  • Exemplifies                                                                              - Metamorphosis 
  • Depicts                                                                                    - Binary oppositions
  • Presents                                                                                  - Taboos
  • Portrays                                                                                   - Sublime
  • Highlights                                                                                 - Liminal
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Key quotes in The Courtship of Mr Lyon

  • 'Spilled bolt of bridal satin'
  • 'Would remind him too bitterly of his otherness'
  • 'Her trance before the mirror broke'
  • 'Her tears fell on his face like snow'
  • 'Outside her kitchen window'
  • 'The price of her father's good fortune'
  • 'Since you have left me, I have been sick'
  • 'The beast took good care not to scratch the surface with his claws'
  • 'Her pearly skin was plumping out'
  • 'The rough lapping of his tongue'
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Key quotes in Macbeth

  • 'Vaulting ambition'
  • 'Come you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here'
  • 'Fair is foul, and foul is fair'
  • 'Look like th' innocent flower, but be the serpent under't'
  • 'Is this a dagger which I see before me?'
  • 'Had he not resembled my father as he slept, I had done't'
  • 'Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?'
  • 'Be so much more the man'
  • 'Why do you dress me in borrowed robes?'
  • 'False face must hide what the false hearth doth know' 
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Key quotes in Macbeth

  • 'Macbeth shall sleep no more'
  • 'O' full of scorpions is my mind'
  • 'What's done, cannot be undone'
  • 'For brave Macbeth, well he deserves that name'
  • 'It is a tale told by an idiot, full of fury, signifying nothing'
  • 'Let not light see my black and deep desires'
  • 'My hands are of your colour, but I shame to wear a heart so white'
  • 'It is too full o' the milk of human kindness'
  • 'But screw your courage to the sticking place'
  • 'With twenty mortal murders on their crowns'
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Key quotes in Macbeth

  • 'Blood will have blood'
  • 'None of woman born shall harm Macbeth'
  • 'That I may pour my spirits in thine ear; and chastise with the valour of my tongue'
  • 'And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full of direst cruelty'
  • 'A little water clears us of this deed'
  • 'All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand'
  • 'Here's the smell of the blood still'
  • 'Hell is murky'
  • 'O' gentle lady, 'tis not for you to hear what I can speak: the repetition in a woman's ear would murder as it fell'
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Key quotes in Wuthering Heights

  • He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same'
  • 'Catherine Earnshaw, may you not rest as long as I am living'
  • 'Nelly, I am Heathcliff'
  • 'My love for Linton is like the foliage in the woods; time will change it'
  • 'My love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath'
  • 'It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff'
  • 'Wuthering Heights is the name of Mr Heathcliff's dwelling'
  • 'But Mr Heathcliff forms a singular contrast to his abode and style of living'
  • 'Why did you betray your own heart, Cathy?'
  • 'He bred bad feeling in the house'
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Key quotes in Wuthering Heights

  • 'I'm trying to settle how I shall pay Hindley back'
  • 'They crush those beneath them'
  • 'A sudden and irresistable attraction to the tolerated guest'
  • 'Is he a ghoul or a vampire?'
  • 'I've no more business to marry Edgar Linton than I have to be in heaven'
  • 'A half-civilized ferocity'
  • 'How he could fashion to bring that gipsy into the house'
  • 'You're fit for a prince in disguise'
  • 'Picturing in me a hero of romance'
  • 'I wish I were a girl again, half savage and hardy, and free'
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Key setting quotes in Wuthering Heights

  • 'Descriptive of the atmospheric tumult to which its station is exposed to stormy weather'
  • 'Nor any glitter of copper saucepans'
  • 'Power of the north wind blowing'
  • 'Large jutting stones'
  • 'Set in misty and cold'
  • 'Dark night coming down prematurely'
  • 'Bitter whirl of wind and suffocating snow'
  • 'And never let anybody lodge their willingingly'
  • 'Rattle over the heights in a full fury'
  • 'A splendid place carpeted with crimson'
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