Macbeth, Bloody Chamber and Frankenstein Key Quotes

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  • Key Quotes
    • Frankenstein
      • "How dare you sport thus with life"
      • "I am malicious because I am miserable"
      • "The abrupt sides of vast mountains"
      • "I ought the be thy Adam but I am rather thy fallen angel"
      • "His countenance expressed the utmost extent of malice and treachery"
      • "I saw the dull yellow eye of the creature open"
      • "Infuse a spark of being"
      • "Breathless horror and disgust filled my heart"
      • "The demoniacal corpse to which I had so miserably given life"
      • "Despise himself for being the slave of passion"
      • "A man on the brink of destruction"
    • Bloody Chamber
      • Bloody Chamber
        • "Put a single irreproachable bullet through my husband's head"
        • "Into marriage; into exile"
        • "Baby mustn't play with grown-ups  toys"
        • "Enough! No; more!"
        • "A dozen husbands impaled a dozen brides"
        • "Only the one who inflicted the pain could comfort me for suffering it"
      • The Snow Child
        • "She was the child of his desire and the Countess hated her"
        • "Thrust his virile member into the dead girl"
      • The Company of Wolves
        • "She knew she was nobody's meat"
      • The Werewolf
        • "Beating her old carcass... Pelting it with stones"
      • The Courtship of Mr Lyon
        • "Miss Lamb, spotless, sacrificial"
        • "Wild things  have a greater fear of us than ours is of them"
      • The Erl-King
        • "Erl-king will do you grievous harm"
        • "His touch both consoles and devastates me"
      • The Lady of the House of Love
        • "Her beauty is an abnormality
      • The Tiger's Bride
        • "Each stroke of his tongue ripped off skin after successive skin"
        • "The lion will never lie down with the lamb"
        • "Nothing about him reminded me of humanity"
    • Macbeth
      • "Is this a dagger I see before me?"
      • "Out! Out, damned spot!"
      • "A little water will wash us of this deed"
      • "Consider it not so deeply"
      • "I would/have/dashed the brains out"
      • "Out, out, brief candle!"
      • "Life/is a tale told by and idiot/signifying nothing"
      • "A desolate place. Thunder and Lightning"
      • "Come spirits, unsex me here!"
      • "What's done cannot be undone"
      • "My hands are of your colour, but I shame/to wear a heart so white"


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