‘The verification principle offers no real challenge to religious belief’ essay plan

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`The verification principle offers no real challenge to religious belief'
language is only meaningful if it can be verified by the senses, or is a
tautology (a selfevident truth, such as water being wet).
incompatible with religious belief BUT does that matter?
PARAGRAPH 1 arguing no challenge through the lack of association
religious believers :only be explained in religious terms=scientific terms
like trying to read French with a German dictionary
they have no association whatsoever so cannot be used together.
PARAGRAPH 2 critiquing religious language using science through
only analytic and synthetic statements are meaningful
religious belief is nonsense
modern world trust empirical evidence more,
accurate way to test whether language is meaningful.
real challenge to religious belief, particularly in the modern world.
PARAGRAPH 3 critiquing scientific approach using Kuhn
what is considered truth in science will be proved wrong in the future.
verification principle is based on science= proved wrong sooner or later
religious belief does not really on scientific evidence so could potentially
exist till the end of time.
PARAGRAPH 4 critiquing the uncertainty of science via using science as
a common ground
understanding is not on common ground resulting in different
interpretations from religious statements.
religious statements cannot be understood by everyone,
yet with the verification principle everyone is able to distinguish which
statements are meaningful and which are not.
PARAGRAPH 5 critiquing the common ground via the fact it can only
be understood in religious terms

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Religious beliefs can only be understood in religious terms,
verification principle ignores the central principles of spirituality and the
immaterial that faith relies on.
PARAGRAPH 6 critiquing religious terms via Wittgenstein's view that
only scientific language is meaningful
in `Tractus' he asserted that only language with meaning was the
language of science.
thus the belief derived from religious language is meaningless.
offers no real challenge to religious belief due to fideism
all the science that verification uses is useless to the religious believer.…read more


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