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Problems with religious language

1. Contradictory to our logic
EG ­ the virgin birth
2. Abstract, metaphysical and puzzling language
These ideas are beyond our understanding and experience
EG ­ the Ontological argument
3. Using our human, worldly language to describe a transcendent being
This will lead to misunderstanding and…

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Strong Verification ­ a statement is meaningful if it can be verified in practice.
EG ­ William has brown hair . One would need to find William to check this.
Strong verification rules out many statements which we would class as meaningful such as historical
statements as they cannot be…

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EG ­ when describing God as `loving' you would place `infinitely' before it. Loving is a model word, infinitely
is a qualifier.
This distinguishes God from humanity and stops us from thinking of God in terms that are similar to us.
Models and Qualifiers allow us some insight into the…

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Weaknesses of the Verification and Falsification Principles

The principles fail their own test
Analogy, symbol and language games are successful and defeat the challenge of the principles
Noncognitive does not mean meaningless. It means statements are not meant to be understood as true or
Swinburne ­ Toys in the…


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