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Kelsey O'Donnell

The Falsification Principle Offers No Real Challenge to Religious Belief 28/35

The Falsification Principle aims to improve upon the Verification Principle, which states that things can only
be verified through the senses, whereas the Falsification Principle states that the difficulty with religious
statements is that there is no…

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Kelsey O'Donnell

understand the meaning of the statement. Richard Swinburne presented a criticism to the falsification
principle, by using the analogy of toys being in a cupboard. We can never prove the toys do not come out of
the toy cupboard and move around when we are not watching them.…

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Kelsey O'Donnell

and know good from evil and have the free will to choose good. On the other hand, Augustine states that
evil is a result of Adam and Eve, meaning that the world was good and perfect until humans brought evil into
it. Augustine said that as God is…


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