London and Mumbai

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London and Mumbai
Site Thames floodplain gently rolling hills to north and south of river
Area 1579km2
Population 8.5m (2005)
Density 4761 persons per km2
Location Inland south east
Level of economic development more developed than Mumbai
Population density less dense than Mumbai
Site Originally an archipelago of 7 islands reclamation has welded them to
one more recent growth has spread onto mainland at New Mumbai
Area 438 km2
Population 18m (2005)
Density 29000 persons per km2
Location Coastal city
Level of economic development less developed than London
Population density more dense by 6 times than London
London and Mumbai compared in terms of environmental issues and their
Environmental issue London Mumbai
Traffic and transport Congestion charging has Nearly 90% of commuters
helped to ease congestion. use public transport
Main problem is cheap and reliable. Car
persuading people to leave ownership low but roads
car at home. are very congested and
there are over 60000
roads deaths a year
Waste management Most properties linked to More than 500 tons of
sewage system, the solid waste generated
remainder have septic every day. Most waste
tanks. Main problem is simply dumped by the
disposal, particularly food roadside and left to rot
packing. Campaigns to health risks and smelly
recycle paper, glass and
Water supply All dwelling have safe, Nearby lakes collect
piped water. Major water but supply is
management issue is one outstripped by rapid

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London and Mumbai
of demand. London is in urban growth. 60% of
driest part of the country population live in slums so
but consumption continues don't have access to clean
to rise. water.
Atmospheric pollution Levels significantly High incidence of chronic
reduced through Clean air respiratory problems
acts, de-industrialisation arising from extreme air
and car emission control. pollution. Causes are
The incidence of industry in the eastern
respiratory disease suburbs and New Mumbai,
halved. Challenge now to garbage burning and lack
reduce levels even more.…read more


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