Unsustainable Megacity - Mumbai

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  • Mumbai
    • Unsustainable megacity
      • Has many slums, some of which have their own economy, community, and a population of over 600,000 (Dharavi)
        • Dharavi is unhygeinic, with litter flooding the streets, poor wastage systems
        • However, it does help to clear Mumbai's overwhelming litter proble, as it recycles tonnes of plastics
    • Vision of Mumbai
      • Plans to shift current slums to sell the land
      • Wants to create a more sustainable environment
      • Dharavi inhibitants to be moved into stacked buildings - they don't want to move because they can't sell goods
    • Has very expensive land
      • Leads to unsustainability as people cannot afford to live there
      • Mumbai could use land which slums are built on to sell for high prices
    • Internal migration
      • 6 million into Mumbai since 1971 - for economic and health benefits, as it is a core region of India
      • Has a fast growing economy based around manufacturing, and is linked to global hubs such as London


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