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some revision notes to help you revise living world for aqa geography gcse

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Ecosystem Case Studies
Case Study Epping Forest
Runs north-east of London on a high gravel ridge
Covers area of 2,500 ha 19km long 4km wide
Main uses
How managed sustainably
Pollarding trees (cutting off trees at about shoulder height to encourage new growth
­ ensures good supply of wood for future and accounts for presence of ancient
Designated a site of special scientific interest (SSSI)- offers protection under law t
large number of ancient trees
Managing recreation by providing appropriate car parks toilets and refreshment
Providing access for people with disabilities
Allowing old trees to die and collapse naturally unless dangerous
Controlling some recreation that may damage or affect other types and the
Encouraging grazing
Re-pollarding trees
Preserving herd of fallow deer and ancient earthworks and buildings
Maintaining ponds
Nearly 63% is forested and commercial tree crops cover 13%
Trees and forest over area equivalent to UK
Primary rainforest occupies 18% of Malaysia's forest
45% is secondary rainforest
Large range of species (5500 of flowering plants, 2600 of tree, 1000 butterflies, 203
South-east Asia

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Made up of peninsular Malaysia and eastern Malaysia which is part of the island of
North of equator-very close to it
Western and northern hemisphere
Threats to rainforest ­ deforestation
1980s clear felling- take everything
Selective logging take selected full grown trees
Reduces biodiversity, habitats , indigenous tribes- takes away land and food
Flooding of thousands of hectares in order to supply hydroelectric power
People had to be rehomed
Tin and smelting
Rainforest has to be cut down to find…read more

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Quality of life for some improves as more jobs, livelihood of some destroyed, native
tribes forced to move out, conflict between native people, landowners, mining and
logging companies over use of land
Logging, faming, mining create jobs, lot of money made from selling timber, mining
and commercial farming
Pressure from foreign countries to stop deforestation
Sustainable management of rainforests
National forest policy
National forestry act 1977 ­ highlighted need for sustainable management
5 aims
Develop timber processing to increase profitability of exported wood and
reduce…read more

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Countries are given money to protect their trees
Inform people of the effects of deforestation
Educate them in new ways to make money
Sonoran Desert, Arizona, USA, MEDC
One of north Americas largest and hottest deserts
Over 300mm of rain in some places one of the wettest
South-west USA, lower states of Arizona and California ­ south into Mexico
Marana ­ started off as a mining and agricultural town now business town, leisure
centre and golfing place to encourage retirement migration
Managing it
1998…read more

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Also provides drinking water
Mining and industry
Rajasthan rich in minerals
Desert region has valuable reserves of gypsum(plaster for construction),
feldspar(ceramics), phospherite(fertilisers), kaolin(whitener in paper)
Valuable resources of stone
Jaisalmer the Sanu limestone main source of limestone for India's steel industry
Has become popular tourist destination
Desert safaris on camels
Local people benefit by acting as guides or rearing and looking after camels
Future challenges
Population pressure ­ most densely populated desert in world
Population increasing ­ putting extra pressure on fragile desert ecosystem…read more

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Sand dunes in Thar desert are very mobile
In some areas they form threat to farmland and waterways
Planting blocks of trees and establishing shelterbelts of trees and fences
alongside roads and canals
Thar Desert national park
Created to protect 300km2 of arid land and endangered and rare wildlife that adapted
to it
The prosopis cineraria tree
Lots of foliage produced so can be used to feed animals especially in winter
Tree provide good quality firewood
Wood strong so can be used as a local…read more


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