Browning and Tennyson Context- Victorian Era

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  • Browning and Tennyson Context- Victorian Era
    • Browning
      • Liberal
      • Radical
      • Colloquial
    • Tennyson
      • Laureate
      • Conservative
      • 'Gentleman's poet'
    • Great social change
      • Industrial development
      • Economic advancement
      • Many Victorians were made uneasy by change and loged for stability
        • Many of their poems often include characters faced with a decision about whether they should take action/make changes or not.
          • Dilemas posed are...
            • Reacting to the force of love- inaction or action?
            • Adapting to new challenges- immobility or energy?
            • Facing death- acceptance or denial (or longing for)?
            • Engagement with life- immersed or detatched?
    • Idealising the past
      • Tennyson's poems often link to the idea of society's developments and how this causes us to look back to the past.
      • Tennyson takes inspiration from classical and mythological history and alters this for his own purposes.
      • Tennyson shows interest in:
        • The Victorian revival of Medieval, gothic architecture and values
          • Many influential artists and critics viewed the Middle Ages as a 'golden age', a time of no pollution when people worked for the common wealth of society.
        • Some critics view the 'Back to the Future' agenda of Pre-Raphaelite painters as 'escapism' from the harsh realities of Victorian existance.
          • This is also said of Tennyson.


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