Light Revision (Further Physics)

A revision document to help you learn about light and reflections

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The image we see in a mirror is due to the reflection of light
The diagram above shows us that the ray going towards the mirror is
the incident ray and the ray that is reflected by the mirror is the
reflected ray... basic stuff
The image produced by a flat mirror is:
· The same size as the object
· Upright
· The same distance behind the mirror as the object is in front
· Virtual
When is an image Real and when is it Virtual?
· A real image is one that can be formed on a screen, because
light rays produced by an image travel through it.
· A virtual image cannot be seen on a screen as the light rays only
appear to pass though it.

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Curved Mirrors: Concave mirrors
Light rays from the same point on a very distant object and effectively
parallel when they reach a mirror. They are all brought to a focus at a
point called the focus. A real image of the object is formed here
The diagram shows that for an object placed in between the focus
and mirror, a virtual, enlarged upright image is formed.
If the object was beyond the focus, a real, inverted image would be
formed.…read more

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They always form smaller, upright, virtual
Refraction: The change of direction in light rays is called light refraction.
The diagram shows a simple
experiment in which light
changes direction when it
enters and exits the glass.…read more

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A converging lens makes parallel rays converge to a focus,
where the point the parallel rays are focused is the principal
focus of the lens
o If the object is further away from the lens than the focus, a
real, inverted image is formed.
o If the object is nearer to the lens than the principal focus, a
virtual, upright image is formed.…read more

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