VALUE (of human life)

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The religious and secular view on the Value of Human Life refers to several different topics you will need to discuss, however you can be selective.

Topics to discuss in your answer


  • God's aim when he created the world was to make humans flawless, in his likeness
  • Genuine human perfection cannot be ready made, but must develop through free choice
  • There would be no such potential if there were never any possibility of evil. If humans were made ready perfected, and if God policed his world continually, there would be no free will.
  • Humans used their freedom to disobey God, causing suffering


  • Morality demands us to aim for the highest good

Objective law. If it is our unconditional duty to follow this, then it must also be our unconditional duty to aim for the goal of this law, "we should seek to furthur the highest good" Humans do not have the…


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