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The Legal Profession


In English law the legal profession is divided into solicitors and
barristers, with the analogy of the medical profession often used to
justify this division- solicitors being the `general practitioners' and the
barristers being the `consultants'. This analogy is somewhat misleading
as there is a degree…

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o Following a law degree (or CPE) is the one year legal Practice
course (LPC). This is to equip them with practical skills such as
advocacy and procedures.

o After the LPC course, prospective solicitors must complete a
two year training contract/ apprenticeship.

o During the two year training contract…

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Education and Training of Barristers

o If the initial degree is not in Law, potential barristers must
complete a one year course leading to the Common Practice

o After joining one of the four Inns of Court:
Inner Temple
Middle Temple
Gray's Inn
Lincolns Inn

Students take a one…

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o Each Inn runs advocacy training courses for their pupils. These
vary in format and length and combine advocacy training with
lectures on particular areas of law or forensic skills.

o Additionally each Inn has student societies and supports
involvement in debating activities which range from internal
events to inter-…

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o Solicitors are also able to apply for the rank of Queen's
Counsel as a result of the recent legislation and higher audience

o In 2005 changes to the selection system for QC's were
introduced with the aim of widening the number eligible to apply.

o The new independent…


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