Complaints Against Solicitors

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  • Complaints Against Solicitors
    • In-house Procedure
      • all firms/ organisations must have procedure for dealing with complaints
      • clients who contact the firm must be given information about procedure
      • if complaint not resolved through firm- right to complain to Legal Ombudsman
    • Office for Legal Complaints
      • created by Legal Service Act 2007
      • Chairman = non-lawyer
      • majority of members must be non-lawyers
      • Legal Ombudsman to deal with complaints
    • Legal Ombudsman
      • decides whether service has been unsatisfactory
        • they can then ask the lawyer to:
          • apologise to client
          • give back any documents that client may need
          • refund or reduce legal fees
          • pay compensation up to £30,000
          • put things right if more work can correct what went wrong
    • Solicitors Regulation Authority
      • investigates complaints about professional  misconduct of solicitors
      • can be put before Solicitor's Disciplinary Tribunal
        • if tribunal upholds complaint they can be reprimanded, fined, or even suspended


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