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The Jury
Crown Prosecution service
Legal Aid
Past Papers…read more

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The Jury
· The History
·Criminal Cases
·Civil Cases
·Coroners' Court
·Summoning The Jury
·Jury Secrecy
·Advantages of the jury
·Disadvantages of the jury
·Are juries representative?
·Should the police be reporting for jury duty?…read more

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The History.
1215-1670 ­ The jury had to go along with the judge, this opened the jury up to
1670 ­ Bushel's case, 2 men charged with seditious assembly. Jury thought they
were innocent. Judge didn't agree so imprisoned them. Bushel contacted his
lawyer; he then ordered a writ habeas corpus.
This insured that the jury is independent from the judge.
To qualify for jury service a person must be:
Aged 18 to 70
On the electoral register
Resident in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of man for at least 5 years from
13th birthday.
5 or more years in prison are disqualified.
Juries Act 1974 ­
Jury Qualifications
Criminal Justice Act 2003
New provisions
Jury qualifications,
Jury tampering ,complex long
cases ­judge alone…read more

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Criminal Cases.
Before the jury, priests decided the verdict.
12 sit on a jury.
They cannot go below 10-2 majority verdict.
Any less, i.e. 9-3, is a hung jury.
This means retrial with a different jury or dropping
the case.
Juries still in the crown court.
Either way and indictable offences.
Involved in 1% of criminal cases (30,000 cases a
year)…read more

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Civil Cases.
Before ­ most civil cases were tried by juries, but trial by jury for
civil cases is no almost obsolete.
Erosion of jury trial for civil cases started mid 19th century.
Now less than 1% of civil cases in four types of cases.
Libel and slander.
Malicious prosecution.
False imprisonment.
Granted in less court believes that the trial may be prolonged or
complicated and therefore be better without a jury.
Juries in civil cases in the high court will consist of 12 members.
They county court will have 8.
Ward v James (1966) ­ the court of appeal stated that in personal
injury cases trial should be by judge alone, unless there are special
circumstances.…read more

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