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Peterloo massacre, happened in 1819. Nicknamed it because of the Battle of
Waterloo 4 years earlier against the Napoleonic army.
Henry Hunt was the main speaker he was there on St. Peter's field in Manchester.
Talking about reform and the right to vote
"Votes For All" held by the men
Estimated between 50,000 and 80,000 people
Local magistrates feared Hunt
Thought he would stir the crowd to violence and start a revolution
1789, the French Revolution, Louis XVI was beheaded politicians feared they
would do the same to them.
Selfish about their power, didn't want to be dethroned.
Lord Liverpool, P.M. at the time and other politicians were there in the early days of
the French revolution they so genuinely believed they would harm work and trade
Magistrates feared as much, sent Yeomanry and Hussars in to deal with and arrest
1115 killed, 400700 injured, a young boy William Fildes was trampled to death
by horses he was the youngest victim of the event.
Lots of outrage resulted. London newspapers and artists like Cruikshank called it a
Demanded that the magistrates be punished
Government chose to thank them instead and instigated the legislation of the six acts.

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What had caused the massacre of Peterloo?
In 1789 there was the French revolution, the people had now decided to take the power for
themselves and as result they beheaded their very own monarch, King Louis XVI. The
politicians like Lord Liverpool had witnessed the early days of the revolution and had been
struck by it as they saw the anarchy unfold.…read more

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The exam is 1 hour and 30 mins
It gives background info. on the topic in this case Peterloo
6/7 sources: Pictures, Diary extracts etc.
Guidance is also given to you e.g. spend 5 to 10 mins reading and examining the sources
and questions.
For the exam there are 6 questions:
Question One is all about comprehension, what can you learn and what can you
infer* from the source. Usually it says "Study Source A..." and "Describe" what the
source is telling you.…read more

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Question 2 is all about purpose, why was the source created, what attitudes and
opinions did the creator have. Is the sourced propaganda, if so is it totally biased, is
it informing, persuading etc.
Question 3 is comparison. This question is based on how similar or how different
two pieces of sources are, you can state what you want but you must quote from the
source and back it up from evidence.…read more


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