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Lamination is where a material has been produced by gluing together thin sheets, or
veneers, to make up that material.
Layers are bonded together with strong glues like epoxy resin.
Laminboard Blockboard Plywood
5 ­ 7mm strips up to 25mm strips always an odd
glued together glued next to each number of layer
other due to sheets being
at a 90 degree
angle to each other…read more

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Lamination Continued
- Economic to use ­ laminated - Surface finish is not good; it is
boards uses the whole of the often rough and will not always
tree and the whole sheet can take paint or varnish
be used ­ there is little waste - Edges not always good ­ the
- Can be used as a basic layers are visible
material that can be veneered - Visible flaws ­ finished
(good for flat pact furniture) material often has evidence of
- Strong material, in all knots can be visually
directions unappealing
- Comes in large sheets that can - Delamination ­ if the materials
but easily using a jigsaw becomes wet or damp layers
- Can be shaped into curves ­ by may start to come apart
using a former complex curves
can be created…read more

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Lamination Continued
Glues protective layer to surface to sheet material (kitchen worktops) ­ contact adhesives
used here
For shaping materials like in vacuum formers
Jigs…read more


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