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Geography Revision
Honey pot site-
Are popular visitor attraction which attracts large numbers of tourists. Honey pot sites can cause
physical damage to the landscape, for example, erosion to paths, congestion on roads, and pressure
on the property market due to homes becoming holiday home which can weaken the community.
Mass Tourism-
Is where large numbers of tourists concentrated in one area, often, it is a particular place serving a
specific purpose e.g. skiing in the mountains or sunbathing at a beach location. Many regions desire
mass tourism, as they believe it will bring prosperity. However it can cause physical damage to the
Extreme tourism ­
Is a type of niche tourism involving travel to dangerous places or participation in dangerous events
often in places where the environment is difficult to survive in e.g Antarctica (uninhabited). Extreme
tourism includes extreme sports that trigger "adrenaline rush" caused by an element of risk.


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