Key figures in Attlee's government 1941-51

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The Key figures in Attlee's government 1941-51
PM for 6 of the hardest years that any government faced
During this time the welfare state was introduced
Founding member of NATO
Granted independence to India
Right winger in Labour party terms
Fought against the infiltration of Communists into the party and
trade unions
Minister for Labour during the War
1945-50 foreign minister
Pro American and anti soviet stance
Pro communist
Minister for aircraft production during the war
In 1946 he helped prepare the way for Indian independence
From 1947 he was chancellor of the exchequer during austerity
period= restrictions made
Home secretary throughout the war
Many feuds
Deputy prime minister 1945-51
Deputy leader of the party 1951-55
Minister of economic welfare and president of the board of trade
during the war
Planned the Labour's nationalisation programme
Left of the party
Greatest achievement was the creation of the NHS
He was defeated by Gaitskell once Attlee retired


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