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Kant ­ Understanding of maxims…read more

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What is a `MAXIM'?
· A maxim is a general proposition or rule.
· It is a rule which is derived from the
categorical imperative.…read more

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Can I, or Kant I?
Some potential maxims:
· I will always tell the truth.
· I will always throw my paper wrappers out my car
· I will cure cancer forever by experimenting with one
homeless person's life.
· I will shoot the POW to get the information to possibly
save my troops.
· I will steal food for my family if they are starving.…read more

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1 Maxim
· "Act only according to that maxim whereby
you can - at the same time - will that it should
become a universal law."
· Universalisability
· "do to others as you would have done to
· You should only do something if you would be
prepared for everyone else to do it
· Some examples?…read more

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2 Maxim
· "Act in such a way that you treat
humanity, whether in your own person or
in the person of any other, always at the
same time as an end and never merely as a
means to an end"
· You have a duty not to use people for
your own end.
· If Hannah knew Angelina Jolie...
· Examples?…read more

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3 (and final) Maxim
· "Therefore, every rational
being must so act as if he
were - through his maxim ­
always a legislating member
in the universal kingdom of
ends."…read more


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