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Do you think Kants theory is
Leah, Abi and Gabby…read more

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Duty and good will
· Good Will means acting solely out of
reverence for moral law.
· Duty is something you ought to do in life.
· Goodwill is the only pure motive for
· Kant argues that the highest form of good
is good will. To do a duty is to perform
actions which are morally required and to
avoid those actions which are immoral.…read more

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A priori
· A priori is something we know without
checking and without experience.
· A priori judgements are necessarily and
universally true (or false).
· A triangle has 3 sides.…read more

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Summon bonum
· "Ultimate End"
· Positives are rewarded and negatives
punished for doing our duty.
· Kant believes that there must be an
afterlife as we are not always rewarded in
this life for our actions.…read more

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Categorical imperative and
#1 #2 #3
Could it Does it treat Would A
Create a become people
maxim everyone S
a Universal as an end not agree with
law? merely the S
as a means? maxim? E
This is immoral as it fails the categorical imperative.…read more

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Deontological or Teleological
· It is a deontological theory that is based on
the actions but not the consequences. As
we must act out of Good will.…read more

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