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Juries Governed by Juries Act 1974

The Role of the Jury
They are used in the Crown Court for criminal cases (Hear only 1 %)
High Court for: defamation, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, fraud. The jury is used in the QBD
County Court for cases similar to QBD (high…

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Should only be used in cases involving national security such as terrorist cases
The Attorney Generals permission is needed.

There are two types of challenges:
To the array
Under Juries Act 1974, the whole jury can be challenged on the basis that it has been chosen in an

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Racial Bias
Even though jurors have no direct interest in a case they may have predjuces which can affect the jury. Some
jurors biased against the police (This is one reason why those with certain criminal convictions are disqualified)
They may be racially prejudiced and this is why the…


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