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Case What Happened? What Legislation Does It
Apply To and How?
A police officer was a juror in a The Criminal Justice Ace 20
case about dealing in heroin was altered so that where thos
The police officer knew all the who worked within the crimina

police officers who were…

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Under the Juries Act 1974, it
Jurors refused to convict Quaker held that the role of the jury is
activists of unlawful assembly used when a defendant plead
(gathering) not guilty. The jury decides

The judge would not accept the whether the defendant is guilty

jurors verdict and ordered the…

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at least 3 jurors from an ethnic
minority, even from the same
ethnic minority as the
victim/defendant if possible
It was not implemented

In this case, they made a Under the Juries Act 1974, th

`perverse verdict' meaning they is allowed because jurors are

went against the evidence legal experts…

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number of young women experience of a judge they ma
Rosemary West appealed to the Court of Appeal be much more easily influence
to argue that because of media The media is a big source of

coverage, she didn't get a fair this

trial This is a disadvantage of jurie…

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problem, maybe they need to

The defendant was charged Under the Juries Act 1974,
guilty of murder jurors don't have to explain ho
Jurors stayed overnight having they have reached a verdict

not made a decision. Due to the decision being mad

Young Some jurors took part in a…


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