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Case What Happened? What Legislation Does It
Apply To and How?
A police officer was a juror in a The Criminal Justice Ace 20
case about dealing in heroin was altered so that where thos
The police officer knew all the who worked within the crimina
police officers who were giving justice system could not serve
v evidence the jury, now had to
I She automatically assumed the Only those in the armed force
defendant as guilty with certificate from their
The appeal was allowed commanding officer were
(meaning it stayed the same) ­ allowed to be excused from
the police officer should have being a juror
been asked to stand down
The Chief Constable of Routine police checks are
Northamptonshire was giving allowed to be carried out on
R access to unauthorised (not potential jurors to eliminate tho
allowed access to) vetting with a criminal record
(examination) This is all under the Juries Ac
The Court of Appeal approved of 1974
this type of vetting
This was a case regarding a jury Under the Juries Act 1974, a
in Old Bailey 1993, where 9 out jury needs to be chosen in a
of a panel of 12 jurors were from representative and unbiased
Romford, 2 living within 20 doors way.
from each other This falls under challenging `to
This showed the jury had been the array'
chosen in an unrepresentative If it is not, it will be challenged
A wife of a prison officer was Under the Juries Act 1974,
summoned for jury service individual jurors can be
She requested to be excused on challenged for a reason such
this ground but this was rejected a juror knowing or being relate
Wilson and and she served to a witness and therefore
Sprason The jury convicted both removed from the jury
defendants of robbery The Court of Appeal said justi
Both had been on remand in the must not only be done but mu
prison he husband worked in be seen to be done too.
The Court of Appeal quashed the
defendants conviction

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Under the Juries Act 1974, it
Jurors refused to convict Quaker held that the role of the jury is
activists of unlawful assembly used when a defendant plead
(gathering) not guilty.…read more

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Rosemary West appealed to the Court of Appeal be much more easily influence
to argue that because of media The media is a big source of
coverage, she didn't get a fair this
trial This is a disadvantage of jurie
Her appeal was rejected regarding Media Influence wit
the act where regulations are
out from the act above
A women juror sent notes to the Under the Juries Act 1974, d
barrister asking for a date to jurors not having the
The defendants appeal of…read more

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The defendant was charged Under the Juries Act 1974,
guilty of murder jurors don't have to explain ho
Jurors stayed overnight having they have reached a verdict
not made a decision.…read more


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