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Using material from Item A and elsewhere, assess sociological explanations for the types and
patterns of green crime.

Traditional criminology is a definition that is used to distinguish crime that breaks the law and goes
against our traditional views within society. Whereas green crime uses a different definition to

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The third type of primary green crime identified by South is the crimes of species decline and animal
rights. 50 species a day are becoming extinct, this may be due to the destruction of the forest, the
pollution of our water ways or many of the other problems that people…

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Using material from Item B and elsewhere, assess sociological explanations of the relationship
between social class and crime.

Through the portrayal of crime stats it appears to the reader that some classes exhibit higher rates of
criminal activity (Item A). In most cases the social class that is portrayed badly…

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ways in which people respond to strain, most people choose conformity, which involves conforming
to the norms and values of society. Another approach to the stain that is felt within society is
rebellion, this occurs when you want to replace the views held by the American Dream, as you are…

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Using material from Item C and elsewhere, assess the strengths and limitations of using
unstructured interviews as a means of investigating the public's perceptions of crime and fear of

Unstructured interviews are interviews that contain open- ended questions, where the person that is
being asked the question has the…

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final reason that it is liked by Interpretivists is that Open- ended questions allow interviewees to freely
express themselves and talk about what they would like to express.

Positivist reject unstructured interviews as a good approach for research as they lack objectivity,
reliability and representativeness.

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Assess the contribution of feminist perspectives to our understanding of society.


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