Johnson's great society success and failures

This Powerpoint allows you to learn about Johnson's great society and also learn the success and failures. It contains quotes from Johnson himself and the policies he passed as split up into- civil rights, the economy and social reform.

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Johnson Great society
Successes and drawbacks
By Akanksha Kiran…read more

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Main aims
· The main aims of Jonson's great society was to
continue the work of Kennedy and carry it
even further.
· He also claimed an `unconditional war on
· Hel also called for `an end to racial injustice'…read more

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Civil rights
· The Civil rights act of 1964- ended racial
discrimination in public places and
government companies and in employment.
· The voting rights act of 1965- Appointed
agents to make sure that voting procedures
were taken place properly as before the
Blacks were penalised from voting due to
extremely difficult literacy and athematic
tests.…read more

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The Economy
· Cut taxes so that more people had more money to
spend hence helping business grow and create
· Improved transport links- Highways and Railways
which benefited the middle class greatly as it
helped them commute in and out of work.
· Passed many consumer laws- Manufactures must
label their goods clearly and costumers have the
right to return or exchange faulty items…read more

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Social reform
· The medical care act of 1965 which provided
Medicare (for the old) and Medicaid (for the
poor). The whole aim behind this act was to allow
all Americans equal access to health care.
· Increased minimum wage
· The Model cities act 1966- continued Kennedy's
work of the redevelopment act. The act provided
federal funds for slum clearances and provisions
for better services.…read more

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· Civil rights
There was still growing racial tensions which
lead to many riots and many deaths in many
cities across USA…read more

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