Sample Questions about the My Lai Massacre

Sample questions about the My Lai massacre and it's history. Enjoy!

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1. What are the two great over-arching questions about US involvement in

The two great questions about US involvement in Vietnam were: why did the US
got into Vietnam and why they can't win and get out of Vietnam?

2. Into which of those two questions does My Lai…

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was supposed to be winning the war whilst reporting the Tet Offensive, Johnson
said: "If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost middle America". Before the Tet Offensive, there
was already American public opposition when in 1964, there was the first anti-war
protest and months before the Tet, in 1967, over 70,000…

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10. In what ways would you conclude that My Lai was significant?

Calley's 80% approval rating illustrates US hatred of Communists.
Encapsulates US problems in beating guerrillas- helps explain failure/end.
America thought that their boys should not be "corrupted" by the cruelness
and brutality displayed in the My Lai…


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