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What are the two great over-arching questions about US involvement in
The two great questions about US involvement in Vietnam were: why did the US
got into Vietnam and why they can't win and get out of Vietnam?
2. Into which of those two questions does My Lai seemed to fit best?
Why they can't win and get out?
3. When and by whom was the decision made to stop the escalation in the US
involvement in Vietnam?
President L.B.…read more

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Tet Offensive, Johnson
said: "If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost middle America". Before the Tet Offensive, there
was already American public opposition when in 1964, there was the first anti-war
protest and months before the Tet, in 1967, over 70,000 anti-war protesters were
marching in Washington DC. But after news of the Tet broke out, America was deeply
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In what ways would you conclude that My Lai was significant?
Calley's 80% approval rating illustrates US hatred of Communists.
Encapsulates US problems in beating guerrillas- helps explain failure/end.
America thought that their boys should not be "corrupted" by the cruelness
and brutality displayed in the My Lai massacre.
Some historians thought that My Lai was a turning point for US Pubic Oppinio
but the TET OFFENSIVE was central.
Tet Offensive-US were shocked before.…read more


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