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Aural Question Paper­ January 2009

1. You will hear an extract from a piece of vocal music. You will hear the extract four times with
pauses between hearings.

The text is as follows:

1 Stomp your foot upon the floor. Throw the windows open.
2 Take a breath of fresh…

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Baroque Classical Romantic Twentieth Century

(ii) Give one reason for your answer

Syncopation; prominence/soloistic/melodic use of percussion instruments, inclusion of piano in
orchestra, tonal shifts

2. You will hear an extract from one of your set works. You will hear the extract four times, with
pauses between hearings.
(a) What…

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Falling sequence canon pizzicato countermelody syncopation pedal

(d) Identify three other features which help to create the solemn mood of the music.
Minor key
Slow tempo
soft dynamics
Low register of parts
Melody on solo cello Dotted rhythm on oboe
Pizzicato double bass
Repeated bassline, ostinato

4. You…

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(d) From which movement of the work is the extract most likely to be taken? Third/last


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