Love & Christianity in Jane Eyre

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  • to what extent are love and the Christian faith seen as inextricably linked in Jane Eyre?
    • Helen Burns
      • Helen is loving and caring despite her mistreatment at Lowood
      • Could bee seen as the most impactful in terms of faith
      • Helen is able to reassure Jane through the use of religion
        • opposite of Brocklehurst
    • St. John's proposal
      • This proposal was strictly for religious purposes
        • St. John wants to marry Jane in order to appease the Lord
      • St. John didn't really love Jane and she was able to see this
      • God must come before romantic love in St. John's opinion
    • Rochester's 2nd proposal
      • Jane and Rochester's love seems stronger in the 2nd proposal, after he has atoned with God
      • Jane shows him religion in a new light
      • Chestnut tree symbolises challenges they have overcome together
    • St. John practices unconventional Christian love for the world
      • Wants to marry Rosamund but does not view doing so as holy
        • Wants to marry Jane as doing so would be seen as holy
        • Love should be reserved for God in his opinion
      • Values God's opinion over his potential wives'
    • Brocklehurst
      • Presented as a poor example of Christianity due to his lack of love and empathy
        • Criticises the girls at Lowood for their hair when his daughters are dressed lavishly
      • Shows that without true love, faith can be construed as meaningless
    • Bertha and Rochester
      • Linked by a Christian bond, but there's not real love
      • She still loves Rochester, as she tears Jane's wedding veil in anger, yet he loves Jane
        • Unrequited love
    • Rochester's faith
      • Rochester's weakness in faith is a barrier to his relationship with Jane
        • Jane's faith is strong and honest
      • His redemption links to Christianity and shows through his love




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