Jane Eyre and Pre-1900 Poetry

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  • Jane Eyre and Poetry
    • Marriage
      • Rochester and Bertha
      • Rochester and Jane
      • St. John and Jane
    • Courtship and Seduction
      • Rochester lavishes gifts onto Jane during their month of Courtship
      • To His Coy Mistress
      • At an Inn
      • She Walks in Beauty
    • Love and Class
      • Rochester and Jane
    • Truth and Deception
      • Rochester lies to Jane about Bertha
      • Jane to St. John and his sisters
      • Mrs Reed to Jane's uncle
      • The Scrutiny
      • The Ruined Maid
      • The Garden of Love
    • Love and Desire
      • Rochester and his mistresses
      • Bertha and Rochester
      • The Flea
      • At An Inn
      • La Belle Dame sans Merci. A Ballad.
      • Who so list to hount I knowe where is an hynde
      • She Walks in Beauty
    • Jealousy and guilt
      • Rochester towards St John
      • Jane towards Blanche
      • Rochester
      • Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae sub Regno Cynara
    • Romantic Love
      • Jane Eyre and Rochester
      • Sonnet 116
    • Proximity and Distance
      • Rochester and Jane
      • Absent from thee
      • Remember
    • Love and Loss
      • Rochester loses Jane (Lies) and Bertha (fire)
      • Helen Burns
      • Song (Ae Fond Kiss)
      • Remember
      • The Ruined Maid


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